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Welcome! You’re here on the help page. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced using PlayArewa.ng.

Below is a screenshot to help you understand how our media player works.

picture of media player


Want to explore more help topics? Here are some other issues Play Arewa fans experience on the platform.

1. Media player is not showing.

After opening a particular post, you should wait for a few seconds for the media player to show. Sometimes it takes up to 10 seconds to show, it may take longer if your network is slow.

But in a situation where the media player shows something like what’s in the screenshot below,

media player error

then the issue is from our end. What you should do is to kindly let us know in the comment.

2. Music/Audiobook/Podcast is not playing.

Media Player will start playing when you touch the “Play” button or any of the track on the playlist. Sometimes it takes up to 10 seconds to start playing, but it may take longer if your network is slow.

You can refresh the page if the player failed to start playing.

3. Download is not working.

Sometimes you will get a prompt like what is shown in the screenshot below when you touch the download button.

prompt picture

Don’t worry, follow the steps below to solve this issue

Step 1. Touch the download button

step 1 picture

Step 2. Select the browser you’re using. In my case here, I’m using Chrome

step 2 picture

Step 3. Touch the Download button

step 3 picture

4. Google Drive open when I touch download.

Another issue is when you try downloading, you get redirected to Google Drive. That happens because Google Drive is automatically set to open link from playarewa.ng as default.

Watch the video below to solve this problem

Thank you for using playarewa.ng If you need more help that is not mentioned here, feel free to contact us